The new iSonic 4000 electronic unit

Introduced at the Hanover trade show and also highlighted in the Badger Facts, the new iSonic 4000 is now released for sale.

The new iSonic 4000 electronic unit is best suited for flow measurements in open channels, partially filled pipes and also volume measurements of liquids in tanks.

The iSonic 4000 is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic meter/controller designed to measure level, volume and open channel flow.

iSonic 4000’s unique features allow accurate measurements in harsh environments.

The iSonic 4000 uses the measured signal for control purposes and for recording to an internal data logger. In fresh and waste water application, iSonic 4000 measures level and calculates flow rates in combination with weirs or flumes using one of its preprogrammed conversion formulas or a 35 point conversion table