Project Management

West Point Engineering brings top-notch products and industry-experienced engineers to provide complete project management services. We take care of the planning, management and execution of each project while making sure that you’re actively involved throughout the procedure. Our services have been successful in various industries nationwide including weather, water, oil & gas, electric power and manufacturing.

Installation & Commissioning

West Point Engineering offers on-site services with in-depth trainings for your personnel to ensure that our products work exactly as specified and are properly integrated with your system. We cater services for some of our major products like; EIG Meters (Nexus, Shark), Badger Meter (Ultrasonic Flow Meters), Gamic (Weather Radar), Camille Bauer (Aplus, Sineax), CS Instruments (Flow Sensonrs) OTT Hydromet (Radar Water Level Sensor, Multipara meter Water Quality Sensor), Additel (Calibrators), GMC Instruments (Multi parameter Testers) etc.


West Point Engineering gives tailored-fit automation solutions to meet the ever growing needs of each industry. We also provide HMI/SCADA management for you to Save

monitor and control your systems and processes.

Service Warranty

Being an exclusive and authorized distributor of various products, our engineers acquired the best trainings and knowledge to provide post-sales support. It includes regular maintenance, troubleshooting technical issues and technical assistance for software configuration.